FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!! :D

This is the post excerpt.


I’m starting this because, as a longtime fan, I’m elated that Johnny is FINALLY  free of the huge sack of human excrement known as Amber Heard…(okay, more like Scumber Turd, Scumnt, Scamber, etc….) Face it–7 mil isn’t shit compared to what Johnny’s worth, and even better–after attorney fees and paying off all her sycophants, she won’t have that much left for her “habits”…. I’d guess that it’ll take about a year for her to blow through the rest of it.

Sorry Scumber, you lose. The condos, the 50 million–hell, you even lost the 8 million and had it reduced to 7 because you wouldn’t/couldn’t STFU to People and everyone else in your smear campaign with your sad little People ragazine cover face and that travelling “bruise”.  Domestic violence victim my ass–YOU’RE the abuser–I mean, face it. You’re the only one with a DV arrest… And WHO THE HELL unloads all of this crap on someone RIGHT after all he’s been through with his mom????? YOU SICK TWIST. All of your lying and scheming’s gotten you to where you are–congratulations!  That, and your goin’ all “trailer park real fast”… Hope you find a nice little shopping cart to peddle your goods around the boulevard…because you sure ain’t got no “career” in Hollywood (not that you really ever did) anymore. Or maybe you, Toilet and Raquel can all pool your pennies together and get a third or fourth-hand trailer somewhere out in the desert, far, far away from decent folks…whatever. I don’t really care what the hell happens to you, just as long as we never have to hear from you again.

ANYWAY—HALLELUJAH!! BIG congratulations to Johnny—YOU WIN! No more emotional–and probably physical–abuse/lying/cheating/ho’in/etc. from this heartless golddigger–she’s Elon Musk’s problem now…

GO JOHNNY GO!!! You can get healthy now that you’ve finally unloaded this soul-draining succubus from your life.